My Yoga Journey

For me, Yoga was an incidental, life changing discovery 5 years ago by a drop-in class on my vacation in Croatia.

I was very active in my teenage days, handball was my first love. I loved movement and all sports but I felt that my body couldn’t bear all the pressure of my trainings. So my knees gave away, I had ACL surgery on bought knees when I was 16 and 18. Even if I successfully recovered my body was never the same. After I gave birth at 23 I started discovering HIIT and strength trainings because I wanted to have a stronger body, stay healthy and be without pain. Becoming Certified Personal Trainer was a step further in discoverying my passion about movement and physcial health. Instead of going stronger, my body became weaker, I overtrained my self, had no energy and lost a lot of weight and menstrual cycle. A big warning that my body couldn’t handle it anymore and that I was doing something wrong.

So, I stopped high intensity trainings, and engaged in yoga classes and walking sessions. Yoga brought me back my physical health and consequently, I started discovering the power of the mind and spiritualty. Next step was a Yoga Teacher Training which opened my mind even furter. I wanted to share my passion and knowledge that brought me the well being long searched. Yoga is the perfect amount of strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and relaxation for my physical body. I still do some strength training but in a different way. I never felt better and stronger.

I strongly believe that you first have to learn to control your physical body, became aware of it, so that you could control your mind and evolve spiritually. Releasing blocked energy channels was the answer to all my health problems. Yoga changed my perspective and brought me the physical and mental balance.

Born in Slovenia, I lived in France for nine years, where I was following my husband professional handball career. After Aix-en-Provence, Mulhouse, Chartres and Dijon, we moved to Dudelange in 2020, where I would like to continue to share my passion.

In Dijon (France) I was teaching small group yoga classes and private classes in my own private studio. My teaching method was based on personal approach in the group and alignment so that students could progress and evolve effectively. In private, I have experience in working with elderly, pregnant women, mothers after birth, athletes, injured pupils and with professional athletes in a football club (Dijon FC).

Certifications and Trainings:

– Hatha Yoga Teacher Training ( Arhanta Yoga )
– APOR, Method de Gasquet (Institut de Gasquet, Paris)
– FIT FOR BIRTH, Corrective Exercise Specialist (USA)
– Certified Personal Trainer, NCSF CPT (USA)

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